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About Ursula Borloz

Ursula Borloz

Ursula Borloz founded aligned coaching in 1999 after leaving her career as a human resources manager and moving abroad with her family. She combines solid analytical skills and training in ontological and somatic coaching for a genuinely holistic approach.

“My philosophy and belief is that wisdom lives in your entire being, not just between your ears,” Ursula says.

With over 20 years of in-depth experience as human resources executive, consultant, and coach, Ursula has a BA in Economics and Management (Zurich) and an MA in Human Resources Management (Institute for Applied Psychology, also in Zurich). She is a Newfield Certified Ontological Coach and has studied somatic coaching with Dr. Stuart Heller. She is also a Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership II certified trainer. She has been a member of the International Coach Federation since 2003.

A Swiss citizen with Austrian roots, Ursula has lived abroad with her family since 1999. She has studied or worked in Switzerland, France, Austria, the US, Russia, Sweden and Greece. This international experience has ignited her passion for exploring cross-cultural questions. Today, she dedicates her time to serving the expat-community in her work as a professional coach, as well as an International Mobility Expert for companies.

Ursula provides coaching services in English, German, and French.

She is affiliated with a network of professional coaches who collaborate internationally on various projects.

Clients describe Ursula as “intuitive”, “insightful” and “authentic”