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Certified Ontological & Somatic Coach

Ontological Coaching & Somatic Coaching

“We can transcend who we are in an open process of possibilities.”

What is ontological coaching?

The term “ontological” comes from the world of philosophy, related to the concept of BEING. Other approaches may simply push you to do “more of the same.” Ontological coaches say, “If something doesn’t work, doing more of it more quickly will not improve things!”

Ontological coaching deals with how you observe the world. The “observer” you are (body, language, emotions) defines your predisposition for action. If you can shift in one of the domains, if you can change what you “see” and the way you see it, this will open a world of new possible actions.

Ontological coaching deals with language and relationships. Your words create the world you inhabit.

Ontological coaching deals with emotions. Today’s working world discourages any reference to feelings, yet the latest research indicates that emotions are essential to efficient and effective decision making.

Ontological coaching deals with the body: you are not a computer, but a living, breathing being with physical processes that affect your thoughts, emotions, relationships and possibilities.

Finally, ontological coaching is infused with lightness of being. Life is too serious to live weighted down!

“We don’t need to be prisoners of the past.”

What is somatic coaching?

Non-verbal communication matters. You have seen jarring examples: The person laughing as they tell you about a terrible personal tragedy. The job candidate whose body language says, “I am nobody; don’t hire me.” The boss who says, “My door is always open” while looking completely inaccessible and forbidding.

Somatic coaching helps you become aware of the non-verbal element of your person. Linking the verbal and non-verbal improves your communication skills, increases your effectiveness, and allows you to present powerful requests and offers.

Ignoring this element deprives you of resources you already have. Somatic coaching helps you begin the process of using all of your strengths.

Why use a certified coach?

International Coach FederationCertified coaches have received approved training, have submitted work for independent assessment and review, and agree to follow a professional code of ethics. Complete information on the International Coach Federation code of ethics –- followed by aligned coaching -- is available online.

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